1766M六角T型扳手组 Hex-Key Wrench T-Handle Set

1766M-六角T型扳手组 Hex-Key Wrench T-Handle Set

  • Hex-Key Wrench Set with T-Handle in Wrench Roll Pouch Bag
  • Jeu de clés hexagonales à poignée en T
  • Zestaw kluczy imbusowych z rękojeścią T
  • Inbusschlüssel-T-Griff-Satz
  • Juego de llaves hexagonales con mango en T
  • مجموعة مقبض T وجع مفتاح سداسي
  • ชุดประแจตัว T ประแจหกเหลี่ยม
  • 六角T型扳手組
  • Made by S2 steel material
  • (SBS Handle)- Crystal Green Handle
  • Handle Introduction- (Plier, Torque Wrench and Wrench)
  • Packing Details from the factory of HansTools/  On Display


Wrench Roll Pouch Bag
  • The heavy duty canvas roll-up wrench organizer with pockets is perfect for your tools. It has easy to close and a sturdy polyester canvas that can stand up to water and the other wear and tear on your tools. It’s also compact, so it fits well in your garage or toolbox.
  • Hex-Key is called Allen key because it is a hexagonal set screw and wrench for fastening them. It gets its name from the Allen Manufacturing Company, which created hexagonal set screws and wrenches.
16766-6M63, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10mm
16766-8M82, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10mm
POUCH BAG : GW= 11KGS/ 10SETS Packing PIC= 2.38'