9915EQ-五抽经济型工具车Workshop Tool Trolley

9915EQ-五抽经济型工具车Workshop Tool Trolley- 5 drawers (Economic Design)

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  • Professional tool trolleys and storage are available for you to organize your workplace in an efficient manner. Tool cabinets help you keep all your tools neatly organized, making your workspace less cluttered and more convenient to work with
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EQ/PGQ Recommend
EQ/PGQ Series
HQ/HQL Drawers image
HQ/HQL Series

EQ Tool Trolley/ Cabinet Storage Kits


Keep your tools neatly organized with a tool trolley or storage from HansTools. We have a massive range of high-quality products made in Taiwan. A tool cabinet is a great investment for your workshop, making it easy to find and store all of your hand tools. This will reduce the amount of mess and help you stay organized.

EQ series is another option than Mechanic HQ/ HQL series

HQ/HQL: Drawer Dimension: 570mm x 410mm

EQ/ PGQ: Drawer Dimension: 570mm x 380mm 

FGTT-520- Great Tool Trolley Group in 520PCs and FGTT-450 Great Tool Trolley Group in 450 PCs are strongly recommend on HQL only 


ITEM NO.MeasureW
64kgs/ PC
Overall+5" Casters670460960
2 Drawers57638075
2 Drawers576380154
1 Drawer576380233
Trolley Body as the same as in all Workshop Tool Trolley
EQ/ PGQ series features:
  1. One piece forming Panel made of wagon body reinforced.
  2. Hemmed edge for all drawers and body that adds safeguard that will harm not at all.
  3. EVA 2mm protective on the trolley.
  4. 380mm deep wagon drawers.
  5. 36mm(H) ball bearing slide, easy move the full ball bearing side on all drawers.
  6. Each drawer with a designed switch for quick release.
  7. Two-section of drawer fastener ensure safe closing without damage.
  8. Electroplated aluminum handle with safe and prevent an injury.
  9. The accuracy of cross point of cabinet are ±2mm.