Quality Priority Since 1973

Quality Priority Since 1973

Quality Priority Since 1973

For over a decade, HansTools has been manufacturing and distributing high-quality tools to top industry manufacturers around the world. With an emphasis on innovation and uncompromising customer service, HansTools is proud to be one of the leading tool suppliers in the industry.

Quality, stability, flexibility, and sustainability. These are the principles that Hans Tools bases itself on. By using professional design, precision manufacturing, and stringent quality control measures, users are able to enjoy unparalleled benefits with their products. The brand of Hans Tools is internationally trusted and reliable, with its product performance meeting standards in all aspects. We always smile when we come to work and never give up!

Each product is designed, manufactured, and tested to ensure it works precisely as advertised. It is our policy not to produce any products that do not meet the high standards required of Hanstools. We have a zero-tolerance policy for defects and will replace any defective part at no cost to the customer.

HansTools provides one-stop access to some of the strongest product lines in the industry, including a full line of top-quality power tools and accessories. These products are made by some of the most trusted names in the industry, we are proud to partner with manufacturing leaders from around the world — more than hundred customer in hundred countries.


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